Review Last Updated: September 23, 2020
Peter Smyth
Product Review by Peter Smyth
Product Features
  • Can be used on up to 6 devices simultaneously
  • It’s been downloaded over 10 million times
  • 5308 servers
  • Servers in 57 countries
  • 24/7 customer support


Today we'll be reviewing the NordVPN.

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  • Large server collection
  • Great connection speeds
  • Great interface
  • Very secure
  • Performs well


  • Does not work in China

NordVPN Product Review

NordVPN for Android is an excellent product that performs well in almost all aspects. It’s one of the most popular VPNs for Android with over 10 million downloads, and there’s a reason for this success. With a high level of security, this app is efficient and easy to use.

NordVPN uses double data encryption to protect your private information. It does this by putting your connection through two virtual private network servers, which adds another level of safety when compared with standard one server VPN protection. This will make it even harder for outsiders to view your highly encrypted data.

Another coveted feature of NordVPN is that it has one of the largest server collections available, with 5307 servers available for use. These servers span 57 different countries, giving you access to content from a wide variety of places that you wouldn’t usually be able to access. Unfortunately, NordVPN is not available in China, where the laws surrounding virtual private networks are much stricter.

Another pro when it comes to NordVPN is its ease of use. The app is simple and straightforward, with a good user interface that gives the user a more streamlined experience. It’s not the most affordable VPN available for android, but there is a selection of different plans based upon monthly and yearly agreements that are reasonable. For the price, it’s definitely worth considering NordVPN for Android, as it’s, without a doubt, one of the most effective products in this area.

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