Review Last Updated: September 23, 2020
Peter Smyth
Product Review by Peter Smyth
Product Features
  • 4.1-star rating on Google Play store
  • Over 500 million installs
  • Size varies with device
  • Over 10,000 stickers
  • Live video


Today we'll be reviewing the LINE.

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  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • Free
  • “Shake It!” function allows users to exchange details quickly
  • Strong user community


  • Not as secure as other apps encrypted apps

LINE Product Review

Line is an instant messaging app with all of the features you’d expect. It’s really easy to use, and this partly down to its design.

It has a simple and straightforward look which makes everything really clear when it comes to navigating around the various functions that the app can perform.

This level of user interface is quite impressive and makes Line a great app in terms of usability.

In terms of speed, you can’t really complain when using Line as it is quite a fast and effective messaging service. It also has some interesting and unique features such as the Shake It! function.

The Shake It! function allows users to exchange details and add each other as contacts by simply shaking their devices next to each other. This is quite innovative and makes connecting with others much more convenient and achievable.

A downside to this app is that Line doesn’t automatically use end-to-end encryption. This function can be put to use by activating a feature called Letter Sealing within the app.

Although the encryption services they offer are effective, some users may not realize they have Letter Sealing turned off or may accidentally turn it off in settings, and this could lead to problems.

Overall, the app is a great messaging service that is available for free, so we still recommend it.

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