Avast Mobile Security

Review Last Updated: September 23, 2020
Peter Smyth
Product Review by Peter Smyth
Product Features
  • Over 100 million downloads
  • 4.7-stars on Google Play store
  • Multiple tiers available
  • 32M file size
  • Also available on PC, Mac, and iOS


Today we'll be reviewing the Avast Mobile Security.

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  • Strong Antivirus engine
  • Features a junk cleaner
  • Uses minimal battery with Power Save mode
  • The free version has lots of features
  • Keeps your photos extra secure


  • The free version contains too many ads

Avast Mobile Security Product Review

Avast is a well-known antivirus company that has been popular for as long as antivirus software has been necessary.

The Avast Mobile Security & Virus Cleaner is packed full of useful features that are sure to please those who are concerned with the threat of viruses.

The Antivirus engine in this app is powerful, functioning well beyond most competitors and running smoothly the whole time.

Despite this, it uses minimal battery on your device and even has a Power Save setting for this specific purpose.

We found this very useful, as many Android devices suffer from battery drainage.

The Avast Mobile Security app also has functions designed to keep your photos safe specifically. Most photos are stored on our devices, and losing them is like losing memories, so this feature is quite invaluable.

The free version of this app has a lot of great features compared to other free antivirus apps. However, the downside is that the free version contains a lot of ads, and this can get annoying.

We would still recommend Avast Mobile Security for all of its strong aspects, and you can move up to the premium tier if the ads are becoming too much and it’s within your price range.

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